Questions and answers

How to allow access to the camera and microphone?

To use video calls, you must allow browser access to the camera and microphone. Instructions differ for different browsers and operating systems:

Google Chrome, Android: Instructions.

Google Chrome, ПК: Instructions.

Google Chrome, iOS: Instructions.

What does "Start a conversation to make calls and send files" mean?

Each user can set up a restriction on receiving files and calls only from those users with whom there has already been a dialogue. Please note that you must receive at least two response messages for the dialogue to take place, otherwise you will receive a warning with the following content: "First start a dialogue with the user before sending files"

What does Account verified mean?

This mark means that the user has confirmed his gender and age. To get the appropriate mark, please contact the online chat support.

Why was my profile gender changed?

The gender of the profile may be changed due to complaints we receive from other chat users. If you think that the gender of your profile was changed by mistake, contact online support to confirm your gender with a short video call from the moderator.